The site

This series of posts is for anything and everything related to the actual operations of this site. Expect to see a mix of general status updates and deep-dives into how I put this site together.

Announcing 'Spark', my site generator

After I rewrote my site generator in C, I decided I should make it open source and share it with the world. Anyone is free to use it and modify it as they like. I present to you: Spark, the static blog site generator.

I'm rewriting the site generator in C

It turns out that having a 300 line shell script to create HTML for pages and posts can be a bottleneck once there's more than a couple dozen pages, especially when your server is using an SSD. So, I'm rewriting the whole thing in C, both for its speed, and because it's been far too long since I've developed in C.

How the site is built

I basically built a rudimentary blogging platform from scratch over the course of a few days to build this site, though that wasn't my exact intention. In this post, I detail how this came to be, and how I'm able to rebuild the entire site with a single command.

How I removed the .html file suffix in site URLs

I updated my nginx configuration so that you don't need .html at the end of URLs. Here's how I did that.

Details on how the site is hosted

In this post I go over the details on how I am building this site, including hosting provider, technologies used, and more.

Welcome to!

My first post! Welcome to my site!